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Single Tilt Slider Windows Ottawa

Single Tilt Slider Windows

Much like the double tilt sliding windows, the single tilt model operates in much the same way as the traditional sliding window. If looking at the windows being opened and closed with the one pane sliding in front of the other, you would not be able to distinguish this model from the traditional sliding windows. The difference becomes obvious when trying to clean the windows. The panes are removable to allow ample and safe access for cleaning. These types of windows are common in the Ottawa Region due to their ease of use and safety, especially in duplex homes and low-rise buildings. Keep in mind that if you buy from West End Windows and Doors, we will cover the HST for you!

Our window installation features and options

Window Colour Options
Glass Finishes
Decorative Brick Molds
Energy Efficiency
Window Colour Options

Pick a colour that best fits the personality of your home. We offer a wide spectrum of standard colour options and custom colours to fit your design requirements, indoors and out. With the advanced technology of water-based paint, you will enjoy years of bright, maintenance-free colour.

Glass Finishes

Add flare to your windows with our collection of glass finishes. With eye-catching patterns, accents and colours, you can find the right combination to flaunt your personality. (See dealer for full range of privacy options.

Decorative Brick Molds

These exterior accessories will add even more beauty, value and efficiency to an already outstanding window.

  • Available in an array of sizes
  • For brick to brick applications or new construction
  • Made from 100% virgin vinyl – same material as our windows
  • 100% Maintenance free

Energy Efficiency

Argon Gas
By replacing air between the window panes with Argon Gas, a slow moving gas which helps prevent heat loss, thermal performance is increased.

Active Gas
Keeps your windows cleaner with an exceptionally smooth surface that allows water to disperse evenly and evaporate quickly for less water spotting.

Double Low ‘E’
Creates year round savings and comfort by rejecting the sun’s heat and UV rays in the summer and reflecting furnace heat back into your home in the winter.

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