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Signs Your Home Needs New Windows and Doors

The windows and doors on your home will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. How long they last can vary with some styles lasting as long as ten to twenty years. Yet, your home will actually “tell” you when it is ready for new Ottawa windows and doors by sending you clear signs they are nearing the end of their useful life.

Sign #1: Your energy/hydro bills keep going up and up.

If you notice your energy/hydro bill is increasing month after a month compared to the same time last year, your windows and doors might be to blame. Drafty doors and windows can increase your energy/hydro bills by as much as 25%!
Having new energy efficient doors and windows installed will reduce your bills. Plus, as a bonus, they can increase the value of your home and could be a great selling point if you are considering listing it on the market.

Sign #2: There is sunlight coming in around doors or windows.

If you can see sunlight around the frames of the doors or windows, this tells you they were not sealed correctly when they were installed. This could also indicate the weather stripping or caulk needs replaced or the door or window is starting to warp.
Depending on the age of the doors and windows, you will want to have a professional help fix the problems. For instance, it might require removing the doors and windows and installing new frames correctly. However, if this is the cause of the problem, you may just want to upgrade to newer, and more energy efficient ones instead.

Sign #3: The doors or windows are warped and difficult to open or close.

Warping is a common problem from continued changes in temperatures and moisture. Not only can it make it difficult to open and close the doors and windows, but also create small gaps and openings to allow heated or cooled air to escape the home.

Sign #4: The doors or windows are broken or damaged.

If the glass is cracked, or the door severely dented, or there are other signs of damage from a severe storm, you will want to have the affected doors and windows repaired or replaced.
Repairs are fine to do if you need to replace the glass or to fix other minor problems. But, if the problems are more extensive, you could actually spend more on repairs than replacing the door or window with a new one.

Sign #5: You are renovating the exterior of your home.

If you are having new siding installed or painting the home a different color, you will not want to overlook your doors and windows. They are the most noticeable feature of your home. If they are faded or don’t match your new color scheme, they will stand out.
If your home is telling you it is time to get new doors and windows, please feel free to contact Westend Windows and Doors at 613-491-5121 today!

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