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Energy Star Products Only

  • Air-Sealed & Insulated Windows
  • 100% Proudly Canadian Products
  • Superior PVC Quality
  • Argon-Gas Standard
  • Double Low “E”

Facts :

  • Heating accounts for 54% of energy consumption in Ottawa Homes
  • Up to 25% of heat loss is attributable to doors and Windows

Compared to doors and windows with low energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR® doors and windows with high energy efficiency!

  • Reduce heating costs by up to 10%
  • Reduce the risk of condensation in cold weather
  • Offer more resistance to the infiltration of ultraviolet radiation
  • Demonstrate 20 to 40% better energy efficiency when compared to traditional models
  • Certify that the products selected meet the environment requirements in effect

Our Energy Saving Guarantee

West End Windows & Doors prides itself on using only the highest quality Energy Star products. From patio doors to huge bay windows, you can count on our team to provide you with energy efficient installation. Keep heating and cooling costs low with our air tight windows and insulated doors.

100% Canadian Energy Saving Windows

West End Windows & Doors offers a great selection of windows all with energy saving capabilities. Our window installation adds a new decorative feel to a room. It can open it up; make the room feel larger with brighter, clearer glass. Never worry about condensation on the inside of your windows again. The air tight design of these windows keeps cold air out in the winter and keeps cool air in during the summer. Stop wasting your money on outrageous heating and cooling bills, and get a new set of windows today.

100% Canadian Durable, Secure Doors

West End Windows & Doors sales and installation of a variety of windows and doors. We install doors that are highly durable with simple elegant designs. Accent the front of your home with a beautiful fibreglass, wood, or metal door. Increase your security and privacy by installing sturdy steel or aluminum doors with frosted glass. Add intricate and individual touch of personality to your door with wrought iron or zinc designs and features. We are Ottawa’s trusted source for Durable Windows and Reliable Installation. All our service come with a 20 year warranty

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