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Benefits of High Peformance Low E Windows in the Summers

When we think of Low E glass in windows, usually we think of winter them allowing natural light to keep your home heated and warm, but Low E glass can also have great benefits during the Ottawa summers. Low E window glass allows natural light while minimizing the effect of damaging UV rays, and natural heat is reduced. Generally speaking, with ordinary windows, your cooling cost will likely be higher as no insulation is provided. Depending on your choice of Low E glass, you will notice that much of the sun's heat can easily be rejected, keeping your home cooler.

Low E windows provide many energy efficiency benefits in the summer as they do in the winter. Be sure to talk to one of our Ottawa Window and Door experts about Low E options. They are different kinds of Low E glass, some efficient and UV protective than others, layered differently, may need combination with fiber glass and more.

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